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the next generation of commercial-scale algae cultivation


The bio-economy is coming, and it needs algae!

Algae biomass is one of the only potential industrial feedstock materials that is truly sustainable.


Just like all other plants, algae "eat" CO2 and inherently secure it as they grow.

Furthermore, algae cultivation can be linked with emitted flue-gas, capturing CO2 before it is released.

In terms of numbers, 1ton of algae grown means ~1.8tons of carbon dioxide NOT in our atmosphere.

Growing algae will also reduce the bio-economy's burden on our food systems. 

Think about it this way...the world is transitioning to "natural materials" instead of fossil fuels, but pretty much everything "natural" comes from plants or animals that we already grow for food. 

Combine this with a growing population, shrinking arable land, and already stressed freshwater sources... 

Simply put, we cannot continue siphoning off our food for energy or industrial materials.

We see algae (macro & micro) as the future of industrial materials and chemicals 

similar to how solar and wind power are the future of energy.

They won't be the only technologies used, but they are inevitably major players. 

That is why we are here to push the envelope and accelerate the uptake of algae biomass

as a clean industrial feedstock material. 


As with most environmentally friendly technologies, algae biomass currently has a large "green premium", limiting consumer uptake and viable markets. This issue of producing sustainable biomass at reasonable prices has plagued algae researchers for decades.


Scientists are continuously finding new downstream uses for this material (fertilizer replacements, healthy food additives, concrete amendments, biodegradable plastics, wastewater remediation) but none of these will take off until baseline production costs drop significantly. 



This is where Trunk Engineering comes in. We are developing the next generation of truly scalable algae cultivation systems. 

Our technology is predicted to exhibit the highest photosynthetic efficiencies and productivities of any agricultural product. If successful, it will produce more biomass faster, on less land with less water, and capture more CO2 per area than any other biological system. Due to these benefits, our techno-economics shows the Trunk Engineering system as the most cost-effective way to grow algae.


We are achieving this by designing from the ground-up with unbiased yet rigorous constraints. Our system will be driven by sunlight and CO2, be species agnostic, and be designed for large-scale using standard mass manufacturing methods. 

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